About EdueaZy

EdueaZy is a revolution in the education system and a great platform for students wherein our tools have simplified their lives and have helped them shift from the offline mode to the online. Here, students can evaluate their score by giving practice test. EdueaZy is a platform where talent is shown its right path. Talent is nothing without opportunity and we provide that opportunity to millions of students from class 1 to class X through our 5 National Exam.

  • National Science Indian Talent (NSIT)
  • National Math Indian Talent (NMIT)
  • National English Indian Talent (NEIT)
  • National Knowledge Indian Talent (NKIT)
  • National Cyber Indian Talent (NCIT)

EdueaZy conducts practice examinations for the students. These exams are way to nurture their talent and enhance academic performance that would create a glorious future for them. Students represent tomorrow’s India and EdueaZy ensures they meet their goal.